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Terauchi File Retrieval Kit


(1) Modified GG#3 bur: GG-3M Creates a staging preparation down to the file segments.
(1) Microtrephine bur: FRK-T Makes a trough around the shank end of broken files.
(1) Microexplorer instrument: Features an extremely fine tip to explore the canal for broken files and impediments.
(2) Yoshi Loops: A revolutionary micro-lasso that captures broken file fragments.
(1) Gutta-percha removal (GPR) instrument: Features barbs on the ends to engage filling material remnants during retreatment.
(1) Autoclavable cassette Keeps kit components organized.
(1) TrueTooth™ A practice replica with 2 broken files.
(4) Customized ultrasonic tips that can be bent to accommodate canal curvature:

(2) FRK-S ultrasonic tips.
(1) FRK-6 ultrasonic tip.
(1) FRK-12 ultrasonic tip.

Video training A step-by-step tutorial by Dr. Terauchi.
Watch Videos of Dr. Terauchi using the File Retrieval Kit

Product Description

E-Threads Fit These Units: 610-XX

  • Satelec-Acteon
  • Adec (Satelec)
  • Vista P5
  • J. Morita
  • NSK
  • Dentsply/Tulsa
  • Sybron Endo
  • Hu-Friedy (S Series)
  • Obtura Spartan
  • EIE2

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 3 in

M-Thread, E-Thread