One Minute File Removal

This patient came to my office yesterday along with the referring dentist who had broken an instrument and subsequently gave up on retrieval after a couple of attempts. The pre-operative radiograph shows the separated file extruded beyond the apical foramen. The separated file was immediately visible upon accessing the canal. Fortunately, fragments extruded beyond the apical foramen render the case straightforward- as long as you can see the coronal portion of the separated file, the removal will usually proceed promptly. Remember, as long as you touch only the inner wall of the canal with ultrasonics, the file won’t move in an apical direction. In this case, all I did was activate ultrasonics in the space between the separated file and the inner wall and out it came! The CBCT shows this mandibular premolar has two roots, so I did a one visit retreatment for this case. Removing the separated file took only one minute.

Micro-Trephine Bur (TFRK-MT) Frees Stubborn Files One Minute File Removal