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Accessed & Shaped Maxillary Central Incisor Replica 9-001AS


TrueTooth Replica Accessed & Shaped Maxillary Central Incisor 9-001AS


Difficulty Factor: 2*

This maxillary central incisor is identical to 9-001, except that it comes with a pre-cut access cavity and the canal cut with a 30-.08
GTX File (coronal enlargement limited to 1.0mm). This replica has been very useful for teaching negotiation of apical accessory canals and 3D obturation skills, as the access cavity and pre-shaped canal allow fill after fill if necessary, thus significantly shortening the practice time to competence. The apical bifurcating accessory canal and the mid-root lateral canal offers an irrigation challenge, as well as a test of 3-dimensional obturation. This replica’s nickname is “Thrill of the Fill”.

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