TrueJaw™ 3D Printed Surgical Training Replicas have pink gingiva that can be incised and sutured; the bone is white and hard for full cortical and medullary bone simulation; and the teeth are printed in a tooth-colored, heat resistant polymer complete with elastic PDL’s that allow extraction of all the teeth in each jaw. After extraction, the root sockets are seen to have a lamina dura where the PDL has come apart.

TrueJaw™ is designed with anatomically precise TrueTooth™ 3D printed human teeth replicas–anteriors, bicuspids and molars–designed for teaching access, negotiation, shaping, irrigation and obturation for root canal therapy training.

TrueJaw™ and TrueTooth™ 3D printed replicas provide the organic variation and experience of working with actual human anatomy. TrueJaw™ and TrueTooth™ practice forms are true-to-life in structure, texture, and performance, providing a fully authentic experience not possible with antiquated injection-molded models. Now, educators can control the anatomy used to achieve their educational objectives. This kind of iterative training provides the hands-on and repetitive practice necessary for skill mastery.

TrueJaw™ Surgical Training Replicas are available with baseplates that attach to Accidental articulators (articulators not included); or, without baseplates for hand-held use.